Our Strategy

Strategic purpose

The BU2025 strategic plan  defines our purpose to inspire learning, advance knowledge and enrich society. Our new Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer will lead us in delivering our new strategic vision and plan for the future.

Inspiring learning

We inspire learning through Fusion by ensuring that learning experiences are informed by research and strongly linked to industry and the professions, with a strong element of interactive, face-to-face, practical skills development on campus that enables students to apply their learning and supports strong employability outcomes. We call this the campus premium and we have invested in this approach, including in facilities, in order to enhance the student learning experience and student engagement and support better outcomes for our students.

For our students Fusion means working on real world problems, often linked to the UN Sustainability Development Goals, developing and applying their research skills, and learning with staff who are research active and have experience in industry or practice.

Advancing knowledge

Fusion also has a strong influence on how we deliver the advancing knowledge element of our purpose. Developing our strength in research and knowledge exchange, including research quality and impact and our research and knowledge exchange environment are important aspects of our strategy, with a focus on working in partnership with business, industry, the public sector and other partners, and advancing knowledge in areas which will have a positive impact on these areas of the economy, our region and wider society.

In the REF 2021 assessment exercise, 94% of BU research was found to be internationally-recognised or above, with 19% found to be world-leading in quality. Research that enriches society and makes a difference is at the heart of our strategy, and 95.7% of our research was found to be delivering considerable impact or above, with 31.5% achieving an outstanding impact score.

Enriching society

We have described how we enrich society in six strategic narratives, showing how we are tackling some of the biggest issues facing our world.

  • Helping people live better, for longer. By working together with regional healthcare partners, our international research is helping people live better, healthier lives and age well.
  • Helping to protect and preserve a sustainable environment. Through our research with local and international partners, we’re helping to save endangered species, protect coastal and freshwater regions, and understand ecosystems – learning from the past to impact the future.
  • Helping to prepare for and recover from crisis. BU is leading governments and organisations across the world in preparedness for, and recovery from, crises – with people at the heart. From the work of our Disaster Management Centre to research focused on building resilience and cyber security, BU manages situations, makes systems and operations safe and secure, and works for the protection of the world we live in.
  • Challenging marginalisation, misinformation and under-representation. We challenge marginalisation, embody ethical reporting and digital reporting, protect the vulnerable, and empower communities. We do this by listening to those who are often excluded from decision-making and helping them to be heard.
  • Helping creative industries and cultural heritage to thrive. We help communities appreciate and understand their cultural heritage and support creative industries to grow and develop. From our Oscar-winning graduates to discoveries made by our historians, BU’s work underpins the UK’s international reputation in creative industries and cultural heritage.
  • Using our expertise to be a catalyst for growth, boosting skills and advancing the region. We want to help make Bournemouth the best it can be, so we use everything we learn on the global stage to help grow and develop the region. Whether it is our links with business, our work with local schools, or our placement students out boosting skills in the workforce, we’re proud to play an active role in our community.